Highlights from September 2018

We had a total of 15 posts (including this one) in September 2018, the fewest since January 2018 (the month this site launched). Hopefully, October 2018 will be different and we should post more often. We will also trail a new Monthly Highlights in October. Here are highlights from September 2018,

Our three most read posts in September 2018

Currency carnage everywhere, here’s how every currency in the world has performed against the US dollar over the past year

Banks in the United States have a problem – they can’t find enough customers to lend money to

Gold, Equities or Property? Here’s how much each has returned since 1990, 2000, 2010 and since Lehman

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Highlights from August 2018

Here are highlights from August 2018,

Our three most read posts in August 2018

Do economic fundamentals matter anymore? (Most read for a second month running)

The S & P 500 is up 180% since the end of the last U.S. recession but the average wage is only up 21.2%, disposable income up 24.6% and GDP up 39.5%

London house prices have fallen most since 2009 but it is not what it seems        

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Highlights from April 2018

Here are highlights from April 2018,

Our three most read posts in April 2018

1. Alphabet (the parent company of Google) spent the most as a company on lobbying. Facebook’s spend on lobbying increased 5500% since 2009. They spent most lobbying on changes to … data privacy (Click here to read).

2. This is what has happened to the unemployment rate in the US four to eight months before every recession since the 1940s and why it matters now (Click here to read).

3. Not an April Fools’ Day joke – this really is how the US Dollar has performed against each currency of the world over the past one year (Click here to read). Continue reading “Highlights from April 2018”