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Spotify to go public with a direct exchange listing

Will Rupert Murdoch buy Netflix with the sale proceeds of 21st Century Fox to Disney?

Retail and restaurant apocalypse in the UK?

The economics behind the 25% tariff on Steel imports and 10% tariff on Aluminium imports to the US

The Governor of the Bank of England is right on cryptocurrencies

This is how much train operators in the UK are subsidized

High (or hyper) inflation or long term zero (or negative) interest rates – how might the world pay its debt?

Interest Rates around the World

As US Judge rules cryptocurrencies are commodities, should we now call cryptocurrencies virtual commodities?

USD 1-year % change mapped

Income tax rates around the world

Here are some interesting things you may have missed in the equity, commodity, currency and bond markets

Would you lend money to this company? Answers in the comments …

This time it is different for cryptocurrencies

Thank you

What we have learnt in 75 days of this site – Part 1: Visitors and visitor interaction

What makes the Swedish economy unique and should the world follow its economic model?

Markets should ignore cyclical factors and focus at the structural factors instead

As LIBOR moves upwards, Central Banks remain so predictable


The biggest danger of social media is the way it has and continues to be used as a propaganda machine

7 countries hiked interest rates and 7 lowered interest rates in the past 2 weeks

Inefficiency keeps unemployment low and here is why it now matters

The ECB balance sheet is now over 4.5 trillion Euros, some 45% of Eurozone GDP

On Equities – Do as they say, not as they do? On Bond Yields – some things from the FOMC minutes

What we have learnt in 75 days of this site – Part 2: Advertising this website online

UK households’ saving ratio falls to the lowest ever on record as mortgage and consumer credit outstanding hits the highest ever

Alphabet (the parent company of Google) spent the most as a company on Lobbying. Facebook’s spend on lobbying increased 5500% since 2009. They spent most lobbying on changes to … data privacy.


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