All posts from February 2018

Here is a listing of all posts from February 2018,

All posts from January 2018

Dow Jones Industrial Average suffers its largest absolute fall since 2008, Card issuers restrict cryptocurrency purchases

Do foreign state run companies deliver poor rail services in Britain?

Dow Jones Industrial Average suffers its largest absolute fall ever, did Google Trends predict the Bitcoin price crash?

As stock markets make big moves, isn’t volatility what traders wanted?

This is how much the US dollar lost against major currencies in 2017 and 2018 (so far)

Impact of interest rates in the US and the UK heading higher

One chart that will make you wonder how a generation managed with high interest rates

How do Central Banks with zero or negative interest rates spend their money?

Underfunding, lower bond yields and changing demographics could mean you don’t get a state pension

If Cryptocurrencies contributed to economic data points such as GDP or global money supply in 2017 plus some other things

Why fewer everyday commuters are using the railway in Britain

How much has Payment Protection Insurance or PPI compensation contributed to the UK GDP?

How M & A activity and record stock buybacks have reduced share buying choices and further driven up stock prices

This is how wealthy UK households are (as per the Office for National Statistics)

US 10-year bond yield hits a 4-year high, is the US now an exception?

As everyone focusses on the stock and bond markets, here are how commodities have been performing

Here are the currencies against whom the US Dollar has lost 10% or more over the past year

Will saving/deposit interest rates in the UK really improve if the base rate goes up? One chart might answer the question

The looming pension crisis

When does a weak US dollar become a headache for the Federal Reserve?

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