The growth of E-Commerce in the United States in three charts

Chart 1: E-Commerce Retail Sales as a Percent of Total Sales

E-Commerce retail sales are now 9.8% of total retail sales (at the end of Q3 2018). Amazon is estimated to be 50% of all E-Commerce sales in the U.S. which would mean Amazon accounts for around 5% (or $1 in every $20 spent) of all retail sales in the U.S.

US ecommerce as a percentage of total retail until Q3 2018


Chart 2: E-Commerce sales

Quarterly sales have hit a rate of $130 billion. This has doubled from a sales rate of $65 billion a quarter five years ago (in 2013) and quadrupled from a rate of around $32 billion a quarter a decade ago (in 2008)

US ecommerce sales growth until Q3 2018


Chart 3: E-Commerce sales growth rate

E-Commerce sales growth has been 14-17% (on a year on year change basis) consistently over the past decade. The sales growth rate isn’t slowly but isn’t accelerating either.

US ecommerce sales growth year on year growth until Q3 2018



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