Want your company stock price to soar? Just add Blockchain! Plus cryptocurrency mining causes graphics card shortages

We explained Blockchain here. Now it appears that adding the word Blockchain can do wonders to your company stock price. As can associating your company with Blockchain.

We mentioned about Kodak – the company which once was the leader in photography launching the KODAKCoin cryptocurrency and a platform called KODAKOne that leverages blockchain here. On back of that news the stock had soared 130% on the day.

Now, AIM listed company Stapleton Capital changed its name to Blockchain Worldwide, sending shares soaring by 130% and closing the day up 30%. And the firm is just one of the many who have added the word Blockchain to their company name. Shares in US firm Long Island Iced Teas jumped more than 500% after changing its name to Long Blockchain. Fellow AIM listed company On-line plc renamed itself Blockchain plc, sending shares soaring about 400%.

Meanwhile, Cryptocurrency mining is causing a graphics card shortage. The overwhelming interest in cryptocurrency mining has caused many people to buy graphics cards in bulk as they are superior and faster than normal CPUs in mining cryptocurrencies. Nvidia, the leader in video cards has recommended limits in sales of video cards as it is finding it difficult keeping up with demand. Read here on what would it mean if Cryptocurrency mining contributed to GDP.

“You could grow up in the city where history was made and still miss it all.” – Jonathan Lethem, The Fortress of Solitude

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