A New Kodak Moment (Cryptocurrency, what else?), Greece pays lower interest on bonds than the US

Kodak – the company which once was the leader in photography, went bankrupt in 2012 and was reborn as a company focussing on commercial imaging has launched the KODAKCoin cryptocurrency and a platform called KODAKOne that leverages blockchain.

On back of the news the stock soared 130% and ended the day up 120%. The initial coin offering opens on January 31 for all those who want a new Kodak moment.

Meanwhile, Greece bond yields continue to fall hitting a 12 year low. The country that was bailed out (several times) is expected to exit the bailout program in 2018. 10 year bond yields are currently 3.67%.

2 year bond yields are 1.47% as compared to 1.95% for the US. What about 2 year bond yields for other countries?

Germany -0.62%
France -0.46%
Portugal -0.26%
Italy -0.23%
Japan -0.14%
Canada 1.78%
Australia 1.99%
China 3.64%
India 6.77%
Russia 6.85%
Brazil 7.96%

The zero/negative interest rate regime continues..

“Speak not of my debts unless you mean to pay them.” – George Herbert

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