Record number of visitors in April and a few changes to the site

April has been a fantastic month for us so far with record number of visitors to the site. In the first 5 days of April we had more visitors to the site than January, February and March all combined. A couple of posts went viral. on April 2018
Source:, April 10, 2018

Between April 1st and April 10th, we had:
2500+ up votes on Reddit for posts linking to this site
5000+ likes on Facebook for posts linking to this site
1500+ Tweets (including retweets) on Twitter with links to posts on this site
200+ comments on Reddit for posts linking to this site
500+ comments on Facebook for posts linking to this site

We thank everyone for their continued readership and for sharing posts across different online channels.

Some changes to the site

We value all feedback received about the site and have made some changes based on the feedback.

Firstly, the header image has gone. Some people were confused where the content of the site was when they viewed it on a desktop as the header image took up too much of space. We have another small header image we are currently testing but in the meanwhile there will be no header image.

We have also removed the featured image from the About and Contact pages. Although the images looked great on mobile and tablet screens, they took away too much of space on desktop screens.

Everyone should see improved page loading times due to a few changes (including the ones mentioned above) that have been made.

We are looking at change the font used in the site. The alphabet “I” and “L” in lower case look too similar with the current font so we are exploring the use of another font.

We have also received some feedback that the adverts on the site can be annoying as they are not relevant and slow down the page load times. Again, we are looking at a solution to solve that problem and are currently testing a few things to make the overall user experience better.

Finally, we are testing interactive media including tables and graphs. At the moment all the tables and graphs presented are images and we have had feedback that readers would like to have the ability to sort tables and to zoom in and out in graphs.

Is there anything you would like us to know about? Feel free to leave a comment and/or use the contact details in the Contact page to contact us. Thanks again for your continued support.

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